Economy of decisions?

I'm looking for a model (or even name) that describes the economy of decisions based on the size of the data set.

For example, in an "Economy of Scale" costs are reduced over time, or as a result of more players, or more efficiencies, etc.

But what about one who makes completely different decisions about their money, or use of time, given the time they have?

In this example, I know I'm going to live another 30-40 years, what I use my time for is quite different than what I would do if I had 10 years, or 100 years more. 

Most people have a simple model where there is a simple list, perhaps numbered, and the more time they have, the more things they would do on the list. 

But, this Is not really the way things work.  I might have a list of 20 things I want to do, some in serial, some in a parallel...  If I have 10 years, I will do items A, B, C, and Z.  But if I have 20 years, I'll skip A, and do B, C, Y and Z. 

This is a really interesting area to me in terms of money and time management.



MST3K Media Movie night mashup (Fun idea #567.3a)

How about a Movie night, but synced such that people in many locations are watching the same movie (perhaps projected where there are groups of people in the same physical location).

Then, using a simple piece of software tech, everyone is linked together and their posts are popped up (sort of like subtitles).

So this is a mash-up of MST3K (format) + Movie night + Social media

"knowing" who some of the comments are coming from is part of the great fun of this.

The comments would also be in a thread where they could be voted on in real time, and an award given to the person with the funniest comments at the end of the night.

The words of the day are Science & Technology.

Sometimes I like to define words that are often confused with each other.  Today's words are Science & Technology.

Technology - Any device or knowledge that is used to control, gain an advantage over, or make easier the world around us.

Science - a "process" first and foremost, that creates a plan of attack designed with the idea to cut through the fact that our human minds are easily tricked by the world around us.

Technology is using a leaf to wipe your ass, science is figuring out which ones are not poison ivy before-hand.

Selling books

I was asked to look at a somewhat famous pop-web-self-help book writer.   He has "his message", and because the odds are I will meet and interact with this person in the future, I am forced to withhold his name.

But if I wrote a book on some random topic I'm an expert in, in the style of his book, it would read like this.

Title - Winning slots even on an ugly Casino carpet

If you walk into a casino there will be people at the bar, people at the restaurants, and people at the slot machines.  But the only people WINNING are people at the slot machines.  Go, watch this for yourself, the guy eating the hamburger, he is not winning.  The woman at the bar, nope, she is just sitting there.  You have to be in the action, pulling the handle.  You need to be committed to what you are doing.  You are there to WIN!

Worse, there are people upstairs sleeping, or doing god knows what!  They're not go'na win anything, maybe a poke in the butt with penicillin.  They should be on the floor, in front of a slot machine.

Read my book, and learn secrets like:

- Which machines pay out the most
- How to avoid getting tired
- Win twice by getting free drinks while you play
- Why winners are happier than losers
- The dirty little secret casinos don't want you to know about poker machines
- And the bonus section, secrets of other winners.

Mad scientist seeks Igor

I'm planning to place a few ads looking for assistants.  Both Personal, and separately, for business.  Both probably part time.

But these people will have to work with me directly.  Personally I'm looking for someone to do a mixture of handy work (at my direction), which should be easy to find in theory, but might include some heavy lifting, and requires at least some understanding of how to fix things, organize things, etc.

For business it would be a designer (probably went to Pasadena Design School statistically, or Cal Arts).   

I think it wise both for their safety, and my sanity to warn them of what I'm like (so to say).

It is always better to have others reflect than to try to describe oneself.  Given I don't relate to almost anyone, nor find people in media that represent my mind set or personality to serve as a simple example, it is a bit difficult.

It does not fair very well for me that even my "own" list is a bit scary.


The closest fictitious characters I relate to would be Dr. House and Beetlejuice.

Although technically when I saw Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, it was one of the rare times I thought to myself, "ah, a character that is not an idiot".

And slightly less fictitious would be Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay (these are the only two honest men on T.V.)

If you have met me in the past 5 years, please understand that you are seeing a heavily muted version of me, perhaps even a mooted version.  Not because I'm tired or old (although both true), but rather because my cynicism has grown so much deeper that I simply don't share my true opinions or engage others as I used to. 

The upside for both people would be that I will teach them how to move "faster" (physically or mentally).  Specifically with a designer I plan to teach a  lot of design theory, pattern, and other things they don't seem to teach in school anymore (if ever). 

The genuine downside is if they don't have a solid sense of self, they will be torn to shreds...


"There's no crying in baseball"...

Of note, the picture of Ramsay, I found on a site titled "Gordon Ramsay Sued For Insulting Restaurant Owner on Kitchen Nightmares"

Confusing message

One of our testers wrote that some odd message in our system was the most confusing message he had ever read.  This got me thinking...

The most confusing message I have ever read is "Apply shampoo.  Rinse. Repeat"


If you are stupid enough to need instructions of how to use shampoo, aren't you also too stupid to finally stop doing it?  We should in theory find millions of people standing naked in their showers with completely empty Shampoo containers.

But no, rather we have other provable problems. 


If I had my way Shampoo containers would read as follows.


- Do not insert bottle in rectum.

- Do not eat contents.

- If you are not sure of the proper use of this product, seek help from others.

- Proper use.  Apply about 15 milliliters to hand, use as solvent to breakdown unwanted grease and dirt in hair.  Rinse with water.  Repeat if not squeaky clean.

- Apply conditioner to put grease and dirt back in hair, if desired.

- Do not insert conditional bottle in rectum either.
- Do not east contents.

This would be much better advice.