reichart (reichart) wrote,

Confusing message

One of our testers wrote that some odd message in our system was the most confusing message he had ever read.  This got me thinking...

The most confusing message I have ever read is "Apply shampoo.  Rinse. Repeat"


If you are stupid enough to need instructions of how to use shampoo, aren't you also too stupid to finally stop doing it?  We should in theory find millions of people standing naked in their showers with completely empty Shampoo containers.

But no, rather we have other provable problems. 


If I had my way Shampoo containers would read as follows.


- Do not insert bottle in rectum.

- Do not eat contents.

- If you are not sure of the proper use of this product, seek help from others.

- Proper use.  Apply about 15 milliliters to hand, use as solvent to breakdown unwanted grease and dirt in hair.  Rinse with water.  Repeat if not squeaky clean.

- Apply conditioner to put grease and dirt back in hair, if desired.

- Do not insert conditional bottle in rectum either.
- Do not east contents.

This would be much better advice.






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